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Sunday J. Dare

Founder/Senior Partner

Sunday J. Dare


Phone no:  +2347039317884, +2349021010378

Dare is an expert in IFRS and IPSAS Implementation project. He qualified as a chartered accountant and trained with Adebola Sobanjo & Co. (A member of BKR International, USA). He has led team of Expert on the Comersion of Nigerian GAAP Financial statements to IFRS Compliant Financial Statements of companies that are dealing members of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. He has also serve as engagement manager for the audit of companies in private sector. A prize winner during ICAN examination.

He is a member of the Association of Accounting Bodies in West Africa (ABWA), a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and also holds an Advance Diploma in Management Accounting from the prestigious Chartered Institute of Management Accountant, United Kingdom He obtained Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Nexford University Washington DC, USA.

Key experience

Auditing the IFRS financial statements of entities operations.
Providing expert advice on dealing with FIRS enquiries, audit and investigations and resolution of tax disputes.
Advising a start-up in real estate sector on raising #1 billion
Advising a start-up on regulatory and compliance services
Advising on IFRS reporting treatments in a range of complex scenarios.
Conducting financial and tax due diligence on Nigeria Target business for acquirer
Undertaking investigative work into financial irregularities
Developing and implementing business plans.
Advising clients on implementation of financial operating systems and controls