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About us

About us

We have the right resources to make your business better

Joshua Dare & Co. (Chartered Accountants) have been helping businesses and organizations grow for years. By helping businesses restructure and reorganize their teams, their processes, their workspaces and more, we contribute to increased efficiency, higher productivity, revenue growth, lowered operating costs and more.

We take pride in how closely we look at each client, treating them as the unique business that they are. We believe that while businesses may look the same, they deal with their unique bundle of challenges and advantages.
Understanding what makes each businessdifferent, helps us identify each business’ specific needs and how to best meet them.

Our professionals and consultants have an advanced degree in their field, and at least ten years of experience actually working in that field. This union of theory and practice is essential to our analytical and data-driven approach

Combined, our consultants have over 50 years of hands-on problem-solving expertise behind them

50 Years of Experience

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Why Joshua Dare & Co. Chartered Accountants And Advisors?

While firms may appear similar in many aspects of their audit approach (e.g., scope, deliverables, risk assessment, materiality), it is our team and execution that sets us apart from the other firms. if we are selected as auditors, tax and business advisory you can expect our audit to be:

Focused on "value" beyond the audit

We contribute to companies business objectives throughout the audit, tax, business management by proactively providing ideas, strategies and suggestions to management on how to improve the business. We also will provide relevant industry insights to management.


we will co-develop our audit approach and scoping with you. We will maintain an open, honest, transparent and proactive communication style with your executive management.

Top-down and riskbased

Our audit plan will be based on the risks that are relevant to your business and the current business environment.


Our internal control testing will focus on the higher risk areas, covering entity-level controls and process-level controls tested. We will fully leverage the control testing in our substantive procedures, thereby reducing the extent of our substantive procedures


Through our significant executive involvement, we will focus on the critical audit areas throughout the year. Additionally, these executives will be accessible and on-site to resolve any issues as they arise.


Where practical, we will use data analytics and IT testing techniques to enhance our audit procedures.

Continuously improving

we will continuously improve our audit process, meeting at least quarterly with management to seek feedback on how to better serve you in a more effective and leaner way that reduces your audit burden. Additionally, we will perform annual assessments of the level of service quality with the management as appropriate.

Coordinated across all disciplines

Our team of audit, IT, tax, transactions and business advisory professionals will work together and continually communicate and leverage concurrent work to provide seamless and efficient service

Consistently applied yet appropriately customized

Our Audit, tax, advisory Methodology is consistently applied by all our professionals, but will be customized to address the specific risks of each location.


We will be responsive to changes in your business, industry and emerging issues
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We Are Registered and compliant with :

Coporate Affiars Commision
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria
Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria
Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria
Federal Inland Revenue Service