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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Joshua Dare & Co. (Chartered Accountants) has been helping businesses and organizations grow for over 8 years. By helping businesses restructure and reorganize their teams, their processes, their workspaces, and more, we contribute to increased efficiency, higher productivity,
revenue growth, lowered operating costs and more.

We take pride in how closely we look at each client, treating them as the unique business that they are. We believe that while businesses may look the same, they deal with their unique bundle of challenges and advantages.

Understanding what makes each business different, helps us identify each business’ specific
needs and how to best meet them.

Our consultants have an advanced degree in their field, and at least ten years of experience actually working in that field. The union of theory and practice is essential to our analytical and data-driven approach. Combined, our tax consultants have over 20 years of hands-on problemsolving
expertise behind them.

Accounting Advisory Services

The preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS and IFRS for SME (Specializes)
Serves as Accounting Officer for Close Corporations and certain private companies
The development and implementation of accounting and internal control systems
Preparation of financial information for banks and other institutions
Monthly record, transaction and accounting
Provision of temporary financial staff
Drafting of management accounts
Reconstructive accounting services
Salary administration

Business and management consultancy services

Budgets and cash flow forecasts
Risk and Regulation
People Management
Audit planning and preparation services
Advisor and advice on structures


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